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SAN LORENZO 104 15/02/2012

Sanlorenzo has a reputation of offering an unrivalled level of customization, which results in the fact that there are never two Sanlorenzo that are the same.

This has been clearly demonstrated by the unique five-stateroom SL104 planing yacht Both interior and exterior areas of the SL104 have an array of design options: from the complete design layout, to joinery style, to any wood species of choice. All reinforce how every Sanlorenzo is an expression of her owner's unique tastes. In the case of this SL104, images of black sandy beaches, rocky coastlines and the iridescent hues of sea shells were the inspiration for the dcor by interior designer, Marty Lowe. Envisioned in a graphic palette of black and creamy white, this tranquil collection embraces the streamlined modernism of the Sanlorenzo yacht. The contemporary lines of the yacht have been lightened with textural, natural materials using a unique choice of resources throughout the yacht. Special attention has been given to the relationship of the spaces and the interplay of illusions, creating an interesting drama as one moves through the yacht. Exotic, tactile materials such as hand carved wenge and bleached anigre woods, are contrasted with the sleekness and reflective properties of bronzed glass, stainless steel and bronzed mirror. Fossilized marbles have been carved to complement the rustic beauty of natural, time-worn stones and supple leathers are used as a design element creating yet another layer of tactile interest found in certain locations as you wander through the yacht. The dual use lounge/dining area in the salon has been designed to address the trend of informal dining, while careful consideration has been given to make the flybridge dining area comfortable in every way, enabling an experience to treasure while looking out to sea. The removable slipcovers for the salon lounges are made from a pure Belgian linen that has been washed to enhance its natural softness and suppleness which respects the overall casualness and propensity to wrinkle. The comfort of goose down cushions offers a casual, yet luxurious environment on the water. Dressing each berth within the staterooms in layers of luxury is evident in the bedding and linens, to facilitate a restful night's sleep. The Master suite on the main deck is very light and airy, thanks to the large amount of windows. The ensuite Rain Shower has been designed with privacy glass, to turn opaque at the touch of a button. The main deck Galley has been designed by a professional chef in order to ensure the highest level of functionality and state of the art amenities. The fossilized marble countertop is the continuation of one of the materials that subtly link areas of the interior. Exterior spaces have been defined by separate zones envisioned as unique entertaining opportunities. Basket woven modular furniture in graphic shades of smoke with ample white cushions comprises these zones. The aft deck was designed to be a "put your feet up" area for cocktails, aprs dinner, or breakfast coffee. Sunbathing, relaxing, grilling, cocktails or watching a football game were considered in the ergonomic design layout of the flybridge. The generous alfresco dining area offers an additional cooling comfort, thanks to the (50,000 Btu) supply of air conditioning. Adjacent to the 12-seating dining table is an integrated galley unit, created by renowned Italian galley manufacturer, Boffi. This is featured as a centreline divider cabinet between the dining area and aft seating zones. An innovative sliding counter top allows for a Teppanyaki grill and sink to be revealed, whilst also creating additional serving area for a buffet-style lunch. A large TV on the aft side provides entertainment from the seating area. A substantial aft garage stores the water toys, leaving the decks and the flybridge uncluttered for entertaining. The never-ending selection of materials and layout options are limited only by the owner's imagination, ultimately bestowing complete personalization for each and every Sanlorenzo owner to indulge in their desires. Careful consideration has been given to every detail of each space onboard, in order to deliver a message to relax and enjoy the sea and its serenity. The new SL104 reflects over 50 years of Tailor-Made customization, handcrafted Italian quality, and remarkable seaworthiness and performance.

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Scritto da CliftonImilt il 26 Febbraio 18 alle 16:29
You folks never cease to amaze me! It was my desire to shirnk the aft deck sun-pad to allow for more people' space, perhaps a grill and small wet bar & voila, you have done it! .At least the people'space.
Scritto da YdkiDKJmXr il 15 Novembre 15 alle 00:13
Hey Rich just wanted to stop by and couragtnlate you and your team on the excellent work you guys are doing. Lazzara is truly and amazing company, everything including design, technology, customer support, etc is awesome. The web site is amazing and congrats with the blog and the Facebook account, that’s the way to success these days. Having direct contact with customers and fans is the best way to attract buyers. I’m a proud fan of Lazzara Yachts myself.I’m majoring in Accounting and Finance in Monterrey Mexico, I’m graduating next year, I’m 23. Before I used to dream about having a Ferrari or some fancy car like that, but now thanks to all the info, pics and vids on your website, I now dream of owning a Lazzara yacht. Works of art like the LSX92 and the new 120 have inspired me to excel at what I do so that maybe one day if I’m lucky I might own a yacht you guys make.I have a couple of questions:•Do you guys ever come to Mexico to do presentations or boat shows? If so. When and where? I want to go.•What the range on the LSX92 and de 75? How far can they go? Because the Caribbean is pretty small and if I ever buy own I’d dock it at San Carlos in the Sea of Cortez (It’s between the state of Sonora and the Bajas on the Pacific). And I want to know if they can make the trip from San Carlos to Cabo. http://nzvmgzngtav.com [url=http://kboqnvwjzn.com]kboqnvwjzn[/url] [link=http://dglohl.com]dglohl[/link]
Scritto da c5aYSFvQ il 13 Novembre 15 alle 10:17
they would go out on January 26th but hasn't hit here yet. Did they ever go out ? I'm the Marc from California you were writing eleairr.
Scritto da vAaqiB81EZ il 11 Novembre 15 alle 11:23
Marc,We are not offering the 68 or the 106. Both have been rpelaced. The 68 is rpelaced with the LMC76 and the 106 has been rpelaced by the 116. Thanks for the comments on the LSX75, we were getting many requests for a flybridge model of it and now we can offer that. Shoot me a direct email to with your address and Ill send you a 2009 calendar.
Scritto da JXnobbK8iC il 11 Novembre 15 alle 00:41
Hi,i was just wondering .Are you still bidiulng the 68s and the 103 ( not quite sure on the length, my wife always loved the IMpulse from the photo of it in front of Atlantis ) -We were just wondering if those models were discontinued and you're moving into more the slick contemporary models..or you're still making the 68s and the 103?104? model.MarcSouthern californiaoh and I do think the added flybridge on the 75 puts it in a totally different class . every time I looked at the original 75 I kept thinking damn ..if that had a flybridge ..and now there it is lol
Scritto da qgR3yzlez il 29 Agosto 15 alle 10:20
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